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英文自我介绍 篇1

  · Since last four years I studied the varied subjects of computer sciences. Operating systems and computer networks became the most interesting ones. Other than studying the theoretical topics of Operating system, I performed various practical as well. E.g.

  · I'm a new Computer Science grad who's managed to get 3 years of paid software development experience while earning this degree, and has seen enough different kinds of companies to know that I want to work at a place like this, that uses technology or methodology and something else important like is making the world a better place or is impressive to my friends or is financially stable.

英文自我介绍 篇2

  Hello ~! (bow)

  My name is XXX. I am from XX in hunan. I am cheerful, upright and easy-going. I usually play basketball, mountain climbing and running.

  I'm very happy and very honored to join the "XX" this big family, not only provides me with a growth exercise, good platform to show themselves, also let me have the opportunity to meet more new colleagues, new friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership. Thank you for giving me such a good opportunity. (bow)

  I am a new arrival, and there are many aspects of knowledge to learn from you, and I hope you can give more advice in future work!

  I believe that through our mutual understanding and the understanding between each other, we will not only become a career go hand in hand with the struggle comrades, will become a life like-minded, blame friends.

  Finally, I would like to work together with all of you for our common cause!

  Thank you!


英文自我介绍 篇3

  Everybody is good! It is a great honor for me to have an interview here. I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn from you.

  My name is XXX, from nanning, green city. Xx, xx, graduated from guangxi university with a good score of the first place in the professional examination. Before graduation, I worked as an intern in xx company. Xx company and your company are similar industries.

  I am cheerful, good at smiling, good at communication, simple Japanese and ballet. I believe that all this will become the biggest fortune for me! . I have noticed your company for a long time, and your company is undoubtedly the best person in the ** industry (to fill in the company's reputation or achievements you know). At the same time, I learned that this is a young and energetic team. I am eager to be one of them.

  If I am lucky enough to be hired, I will think that the company will create the best interests for its own best interests, and do not bargain. Do well in everything and work with your colleagues. Work hard, study hard and make progress!

  Thank you. I hope you can give me this opportunity to develop and create more benefits for your company.

英文自我介绍 篇4

  Hello, everyone. Good old anak. Made in China, long XXcm, net weight of XX kg, using artificial intelligence, all parts are complete, stable operation, operating in the year, belong to trustworthy products, and obtain ISO certification of international quality. So far, only to keep the boudoir, come out a few years, think still feel the kindergarten best mix. So the individual feels like he has a lot of self-knowledge and a lot of talent, and there are only two things in life: no, that's not going to happen. The family is basically able to open a car to open the Cadillac. As soon as I heard the sound, I knew it was a good machine, and the German imported it, "sudden and sudden". As soon as I opened it, half of the city of Beijing took the black smoke, and the traffic policemen shouted to me, "sun is old, and he has received the magic work." My hobby can be divided into static and dynamic, static is sleeping, dynamic is turning over... . But I also love e-sports, sports, like to make friends all over the world. My life motto is: dreaming, anything is possible. For the time being,

英文自我介绍 篇5

  My name is Steven Cheung

  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The course has provided me the formal training necessary to be a nurse. Besides, I possess ten years of extensive experience ranging from Nursing Assistant to Nursing Supervisor at XYZ Hospital. My responsibilities include patient assessment and staff development, as well as the coordination of other health care services such as dietary, food nutrition, physical therapy and pharmacy.

  I believe my strong clinical background and experience make me a valuable asset to your hospital. I would be pleased to attend an interview.

  Sample3: The following introduced himself to do what I call: **, ** year-old, Han nationality, graduated in 20xx, Sichuan Nanchong City, Sichuan Medical College Vocational and Technical College, secondary school education.

  Whenever a child who can see the hospital's wearing a white coat, the patient beside busy to see patients because of their loving care to alleviate the suffering of the kind of revealed expression of gratitude, they were really like in my mind angelic lovely and holy, I have a dream that one day the same as they do an angels in white, after graduating from junior high school, I did not hesitate to take the entrance exam the provincial Medical School. In their own efforts and family support, I successfully completed the Medical School three years of studies, the fine courses.

  Although the employment after graduation as a result of social tensions, failed to immediately assigned to work, but I do not sit at home with, but will be active in school and I have learned during the internship, applied to life, his family only when they are sick for their injection, but also some of the diagnosis and treatment within its capacity for them to reduce a lot of trouble, the family joked I was the family doctor, I am very proud of this title, which also affirmed my lifelong dedication to the cause of health care energy determination. However, my ideal is not just to help their loved ones around. I want the same as Florence Nightingale, through their own efforts and love for more people to bring health and happiness.

  So I would like to seize this rare opportunity and hope that examiners can give me an ideal opportunity to achieve in life, so I'm really aspire to go their own way, I will have learned that her love and knowledge of elders for the home folks to do their due contribution.

  To prepare for work (such as personal information, clothing, makeup) fully prepared to relieve your tension, and then when you walked into the interview room, remember that the rise of chest, smiling!

  First of all reported their own name and identity. Examiner interviews candidate may be greeted with, has this to tell each other, but they can from your application form, resume and other materials in the understanding of these situations, but still you take the initiative to mention. This is the need for politeness, but also can enhance the impression of your examiner.

  Second, you can simply explain your qualifications, work experience (in school part-time) and other basic personal circumstances. Please ensure that a clear narrative thread, a poorly organized, long since the opening, will examiners were left disorganized, personality is not clear impression and let the examiner fatigue, weakening of the interview continued interest and attention.

  Next, from this part of the basic conditions of personal and natural transition to one or two during their undergraduate or successful completion of the event to the image of the two examples, the clarity he explained his own experience and ability, for example: at school served as student leaders during the successful organization of activities; or how to put into social practice, use their expertise to public service; or own significant achievements of professional and excellent academic achievements.

英文自我介绍 篇6

  well…i am both honored and pleased to be asked to introduce myself to all of you。

  my name is xxx。 i’ll graduate from china medical university in july next year。 and, my major is imaging of medicine, which is one of the most famous majors in our university。 in my way of thinking, education is an important aspect of my life。 i appreciate that our professors put great emphasize on the academic teaching of the solid theory foundation during our four year course。 on the other hand, i must admit, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth。 through the whole semesters of the fifth year in school for clinic practice, i make great progress in practical application。

  at the mention of my qualification, i have passed cet-4 in english and cct-2 (=the second level) on computer already。 i have a good command of imaging computer system “pacs”; not only do my qualification make me a perfect candidate, my personality is well suited: i’m honest, stable, aspiring, and have high sense of responsibility, strong will and indomitable spirit 。i think i have the excellent ability of working independent1y or with a diverse work force as well。 apart from the above mentioned, my scholastic pursuit make me spare no effort to get down to everything。

  needless to say, nothing but perseverance, diligence can lead me to the way of success。 it’sindeed unchangeable truth。 it is my eagerness for putting my book knowledge into the farthest application 。with my pious enthusiasm and sincerity, i want to join you to work for your hospital。

  i believe that, “i can because i think i can。”

  thank you for your consideration of my application…thank you。

英文自我介绍 篇7

  Good morning,my dear classmates and teacher.It's my great honor to introduce myself to you here.My name is XX(你的名字),I'm from No.X (学校名)middle school.I'm a XX(年龄用你的`)-year-old boygirl(自己选择性别).Generally eaking, I am a hard working student do the thing (that)I'm interested in.In my are time,I often read books.I like watching movies and listening to music when I'm free.I pride myself on my drawing.Well,I'm an easy-going person.But I'm also a lazy boy that I don't like doing some orts.So,I want to erase myself.Now we are face to face,I want to face myself to start of something new,I will show you something new to see.Well,I just want to share with you,and I'm looking forward to making friends with you.So,let's be good friends!In the end,thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself.That's all,thank you!

英文自我介绍 篇8

  Hello, my name is XXX, our company is a software development department (SW1) of the new employees, is pleased to join Guoxin lucent. I was in Guangxi, personality is very cheerful, the hobby is more also, such as music, football, table tennis, climbing and so on.

  I graduated from Jilin University in July 16 years of information and computing science. After graduation, I went to Shandong in a software company engaged in the development of JAVA software. The 16 years from July to November, I create software Kunshan branch to work.16 in December to the end of February this year in China, I have been assigned to Shenzhen company HUAWEI China Mobile business operation support system (BOSS) of the outsourcing project.

  It is understood that our company is now the domestic telecommunication operation support system (OSS) is one of the largest software company in the field of high-tech, occupy a dominant position in the telecommunications cyber source management system. I hope I can in my company as a growth in the field of management of telecom network resources not only understands technology, and understand the business. Key personnel can Dudangyimian at work. But whether in technology, business, or other aspects of communication, I am still a beginner, there are a lot of things need to study hard, hope to get guidance and help you in the future work and life. Thank you!

英文自我介绍 篇9

  Hello, everyone, my name is Chen Yuheng, nicknamed yueyue. Today is to introduce me.

  I'm not tall, but a head taller than my mother, my father is a head, I have a pair of TieChiTongYa, ji's morning mist is not better than, but also can often at home. Although I grow handsome, actually very honest, thick eyebrows with a pair of black shiny eyes. Handsome don't

  I have many hobbies, but unique romance, but the only access is playing basketball and computer, see my hands grip the ball on the pitch, three shots, hey, the ball into the, although it is only for the one hundredth time I am practice into. Speaking of playing computer I'm a senior high, since only play when the player played weak flower water, have been determined to practice, then I carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hot far, finally became a new generation of playing god. As for me, I also than saving, buy a popcorn, a corner that the 50, the somebody else OK only for half a day.

  I have an ideal when a President what of, say, go to daydream.

英文自我介绍 篇10





  Hello, everyone. It's a great pleasure to attend this interview. Let me have the opportunity to learn and communicate to the examiners.

  My name is XXX, from * *. Temperate, modest, conscientious, conscientious, solid, hardworking, strong sense of responsibility and social adaptability. In June this year, I will graduate from the electronic commerce major of * * University. During the four years' study and life of University, I have mastered the related knowledge of plane field, and have practical operation ability and technology at the same time.

  In order to make the knowledge and practice of fast together, I participated in the 3 months of practice, comprehensively and systematically study the professional knowledge and skill level, to related software applications of graphic design (Photoshop image processing software, Illustrator and CoreIdRAW, InDesigin and Pagemaker vector graphics software publishing software) do the basic image processing, posters, brochures and other enterprises, will be able to learn the real knowledge applied to practical life.

  I admit that I am not the best person yet, but I hope it is the most suitable person in this position. I hope I can be privileged to be considered by your company leader. In the future, I will make persistent efforts in a good way and improve the shortcomings. This is the end of my introduction. Thank you!