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  1.Use a checklist or to do list.1. 利用待办事项清单。


  Before starting the day, I try to have a short to do list of what I hope to achieve for that day. I check back on that list multiple times throughout the day. If I'm slipping behind on my progress on these tasks, looking at the list has the tendency to jolt me back on track and into a focused state for the remainder of the day. I keep the to-do list in sequential order, so there is always just one thing that is next on my list to do, and no choice around it. This reduces the chance that I switch between multiple tasks and end up getting nothing done. If things do crop up that require a change of plan, I will adjust my list to reflect that.在开始工作前,我会写下当天的工作目标。并且我还会不时地查看它。如果我的工作进度有所落后于计划,那么回顾任务清单就能把我调整到工作轨道上来,并且把注意力集中于剩余的事务上。我把待办的事情按照先后顺序排列,那么在我的待办事项里永远就只有一件事件需要完成了,并且别无他选。这样我就不必纠结多项任务之间的取舍,最终什么都没完成了。如果确实有突发事件需要改变计划,那么我只需要调整我的任务清单以适应情况的变化。

  2.Reduce interruptions.2. 减少干扰。

  I have stopped listening to music while working. Music does help in getting me into the 'zone' sometimes, but I've often found myself checking out the artist names and titles for catchy new songs, or skipping bad songs, or restarting the player, all of which can be disruptive to my flow of thought.工作期间我不会听音乐。没错,音乐有时候确实能让我进入“状态”,但是我也常常发现自己会沉迷于弄清歌唱者或朗朗上口的新歌曲名字,切歌,重启播放器,这些都对我的工作思路造成干扰。

  Similarly, I keep the number of news feeds I check during the work day to a minimum. These can suck a lot of your time and attention away, and while they might be interesting or good for learning, ultimately, they reduce the time you spend working. I usually leave these to designated break times.同样的,我把每天查看新闻信息的数量控制到最少。因为这些信息会吞噬大部分的时间和注意力,虽然它们具有趣味性和教育意义,但是最终只会浪费你的工作时间。所以我常常把这些信息留到休息的时间才查阅。

  3.Adopt time-saving techniques.3. 采用省时技巧。

  There are many ways this could be done. I bring my personal laptop to work, so I have two machines at any time. This way, if one computer stalls for a moment, rather than use that as an opportunity to take a break or switch to an offline task, I would switch to the other computer and resume my work. Similarly, my work laptop stays connected to my large-screen monitor, while my personal laptop follows me to meetings. I don't need to spend time adjusting and resizing my windows -- everything stays where I remembered them to be.达到这个目标的方法实际上有很多。把个人笔记本电脑带到公司,那么就有两台机器供我使用了。通过这个小技巧,即使其中一台电脑停机了,我能免于把它视为休息机会或迫于离线工作,只需要把任务转移至另一台电脑上就能继续我的工作了。同样的原理,我把工作用的'笔记本连接到大屏显示器上,而我的个人笔记本电脑就能带到会议上使用了。我不必花费时间调整和重新改变我的窗口大小,因为所有参数都按照我原本记忆的设置。

  I do the same for my browser windows and tabs. I have a designated window for certain classes of pages which I need to check somewhat regularly throughout the day. It saves me some time finding the right tab, although I still need to work on reducing the total number of tabs I have open.对于浏览器窗口和标签我也采用同样的方法。我有一个专门设置于每天定期浏览的页面窗口。这样能一定程度上节省寻找标签的时间,尽管我还需要想想办法减少打开的标签数量。

  4.Email for responding when optimal.4. 在合适的时机回复电子邮件。

  Emails usually do not need an immediate response. While it is tempting to check email regularly and I still do this, writing a response can take your attention away from your task at hand. If more immediate responses were expected, there is always IM/chat or talking in person, so no need to worry about the lack of immediacy.电子邮件一般都不要求即时回复。虽然不时查看邮件很吸引人,并且我也仍然这么做,但是撰写一份邮件的回复就会把你的注意力从手头上的任务中转移开来。如果有多封电子邮件需要你的即时回复,那么你可以使用即时通讯的软件与对方亲自交流,这样就不必担心无法即时回复电子邮件了。

  5.Do reading away from the computer.5. 让阅读远离电脑。

  For reading long papers and articles, I would choose to print a physical copy or view it on an iPad. This takes me away from my computer which can be a source of distraction. It's also helpful to read with a desired end-goal in mind, such as finishing with some key takeaway points or figuring out how to apply what you've just read to solve a problem you are facing at the moment. This helps you keep focused and goal-driven, until you're done reading or you've read enough to meet your goals.对于篇幅长的文件和文章,我会选择纸质印制的版本或在iPad上阅读。因为这样能让我免于电脑的干扰。同样的,对于带着想要完成目标的心情来阅读,比如阅读完就了解一些要点,或者把吸取到解决困难的方法用于解决当前刚好遇到的问题上,都是非常有效的。这样能在完成阅读或已经达到实现目标的阅读量时,让你保持注意力集中,受到目标的驱动。

  6.Deliberately carve out a solid block of time for work.6. 刻意划出工作专属时间块。

  Block this out in your calendar and go somewhere with minimal environmental distractions to focus on getting a lot done in a short time. This could take practice to make the most of time but the work produced in one contiguous block of time could be way better than something you get working distractedly for an entire day.在日程表上划出工作时间块,然后找一个环境干扰最小的地方,在短时间内完成大量的任务。这样可能需要花费大部分时间,但是在这一段连续的时间块中所完成的工作质量便会比一整天工作于充满干扰的环境中的质量高得多。