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  So you have finally reached the point where you do not feel like working and it seems that you have had enough. Everyday seems tougher to continue your usual boring work and now you just cannot concentrate. Check out some tips here on how to work even when you do not want to.终于有一天你到达了那个点,你不想工作,你觉得受够了。干着无聊工作的日子变得一天比一天艰难,你感觉你已经无法集中精力了。对于这样不想工作的你,以下是一些小建议。


  Start Anew重新开始

  Probably you are bored of the same old daily routine and it is time for a switch. Either you should start searching for a new job, a new place and a new office. Or change your field of work or the department so that you get to do something different with new challenges to encounter.可能你是对那种日复一日枯燥的生活感到厌烦,是时候做些改变了。你可以开始找一份新工作,一个新的地方或是一间新的办公室。或者你也可以改变你工作的领域或是部门,这样你就可以做些不一样的事情,迎接不同的挑战。

  Go For Vacations去度个假

  Next time whenever you have this question on your mind about how to work while you don’t feel like, start planning for vacations. Take a leave and spend a week or even just a weekend somewhere far and just spend your time relaxing. Vacations are really good for rejuvenation oneself and your brain and mind get to refresh itself and get rid of all the unused stuff. So once when you will be back from the holidays you will feel energetic towards your work.下一次你有不想工作的念头的时候,就开始计划度假吧。暂时离开一下花一个礼拜或者甚至仅仅一个周末的`时间去一个远点的地方放松一下。假期对于一个人的复原是非常有用的。你的大脑和思想都会得到清醒,而且也能抛开那些没用的东西。所以,一旦你度假回来,你就会对工作充满干劲了。

  Make a list of all the reasons列举所有的原因

  How to work when you don’t feel like? Well, you need reasons to tell yourself why you need to work. Write down a list of reasons of why should you be working. Some of the simple reasons that you can write are, need money, feeding your family, educating your children, fulfilling your desires and dreams. Put it somewhere like on your cupboard or fridge so you see it every day.怎样在你不想工作的时候工作呢?好吧,你必须告诉自己为什么要去工作。列一张为什么你应该工作的清单。你可以写下来的一些简单的理由有:你需要钱、需要养家糊口、需要教育孩子、需要满足你的欲望和梦想。把它放在诸如你的碗柜或冰箱上,这样你每天都能够看到它了。

  Set a Goal设定一个目标

  We do things for the sake of something. We work, we earn, study in order to get some good result out of it. We have a dream to fulfill or a goal to accomplish. You need be working for some reason. Maybe there is something in life you want really badly and you know that you can only have it when you will have enough money or experience.我们为了某些东西而做一些事情。我们工作、赚钱、学习是为了从中得到好的结果。我们有梦想要去实现,有理想要去追求。你一定是为了某个理由才去工作的,或许在生活中有一件你非常非常想要的东西,而你只能在你有足够的钱和经验的时候才能得到它。

  Reward Yourself奖励自己

  All work and no play can make you a dull person. You may list the reasons of the purpose of your work; you may set a goal in your life. But those are supposed to be long term. Apart from that, you need some sort of short term rewards which you should give yourself every now and then. Once you finish with a project, an assignment or one week of dedicated work, reward yourself. It could be anything from going for a movie to relaxing at the beach or treating yourself with some delicious supper.光工作不玩耍,聪明的你也会变傻。你或许能列举出你需要工作的原因;你或许为你的人生设定了一个目标。但这些都是长期的。除了这些,你必须设定一些短期的奖励,你每天都可以用它们来奖励自己。每次你完成了一个项目,一个任务或是一周的认真工作,就奖励一下你自己吧。可以是任何事情,从看一场电影到去海边休息,又或是给自己做一顿大餐。

  Don’t Stress Yourself不要给自己太多压力

  One reason for why you don’t feel interested in your work anymore is probably because you have stressed yourself so much that your body and mind are not capable of taking the load anymore. So you need to learn to relax and take breaks once in a while.解释你为什么对你的工作失去兴趣的一个原因或许是因为你给了自己的身体和精神太多压力,已经没有能力承担更多事情了。因此你需要学着放松,并且每隔一段时间休息一下。











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